In spite of its compact footprint ( 900 ~ 1,400o ),
U-3103 secures large sewing area : 230o length and 250o width.

Highly versatile U-3103 covers wide range of pocket setting purposes
such as dress shirt, blouse, pajama top, workwear jacket, jeans apron,
and furthermore attaching back facing of pajamas, as well.

Thanks to the latest technology and decades of know-how,
U-3103 boasts about its outstanding functionalities such as plaid matching capability,
sharp and accurate automatic folding, high speed sewing, and intuitive operation.

HIGHEST POWER SAVING CAPABILITY & RUNNING-COST-CONSCIOUS DESIGN For minimizing the energy consumption, direct-drive sewing head and blower motor with inverter are equipped.
Thanks to the inverter, operators can activate max. power of U-3103fs vacuum suction only when needed, and can keep idling with lower noise when vacuum suction is not needed.
All the rest of mechanical components are designed to minimize power loss, electricity and air consumption.
HIGH SPEED SEWING YET CONSISTENT SEWING RESULTS Thanks to the JUKI DDL-9000B long arm type sewing head, wide sewing area is secured.
With YUHOfs proprietary Bobbin Thread Backtensioner technology, perfect stitching "non-hitchstitching" is realized and consistent stitching is guaranteed.
VERTICAL UP/DOWN TYPE POCKET FOLDING MECHANISM YUHOfs unique and powerful pocket folding device covers wide variety of fabrics from very thin materials to thick and heavy 16 oz denim at a lightning fast folding speed and super accuracy.
Instead of the swing type, newly developed gvertical up/down mechanismh guarantees premium quality folding results without misalignment and/or slackness.
With dress shirtfs pockets made of thinner materials, it also takes care of the perfect treatment to fold both L/R corners of pocket openings, without protrusion. 
COMPACT FOOTPRINT YET LARGER SEWING AREA While keeping minimum footprint (1,400 x 900 mm), loading area and sewing area is separated with 600 mm interval, securing comfortable goverlapped workflowh environment even with larger materials.
Max. size of sewing area is up to 230 x 250 mm, and it even realizes attaching back face on pajamasf back panel.
SIMPLE BUT ACCURATE PLAIDS MATCHING With selecting gPLAIDh on LCD, sewing mode is changed to gPLAID MATCHINGh.
Pocket piece and fabric are vacuumed, positioning of pocket piece can be precisely adjusted in order to allow operators to align the plaids of pocket piece and front panel.
Folded pocket piece can be re-checked the matching of plaids before presser pat transports materials to sewing head.
This process secures accurate plaid matching with quick operation.
EASY AND INTUITIVE OPERATION THANKS TO LCD TOUCH PANEL U-3103fs onboard LCD secures intuitive U/I and streamlined operation.
In case subtle adjustment of sewing patterns such as stitch positions is needed, operators can press EDIT on the RUN screen of LCD touch panel and modify it on the fly.
The modified data is automatically saved on the pattern memory.
Up to 30 patterns can be stored on the onboard memory area, and respective pattern memory can be modified quickly by pressing EDIT button.
If the folded result of pocket piece is not perfect, operators can press RE FOLD on the LCD and can retry it immediately.
Ample of editing/adjustment menus, machine maintenance menus are standby on the LCD touch panel.
PROPRIETARY FOLDING MECHANISM Automatic folding of pocket pieces, especially the pocket shapes with rounded corners on the bottom, requires high level of know-how and technology.
YUHOfs proprietary pocket folding mechanism featuring its versatility of handling various materials with different characteristics: not only different thickness/hardness but also different elasticity: is truly the crystallization of the latest technology and decades of know-how.
HANDY PATTERN GAUGE REPLACEMENT & EASE OF MAINTENANCE Gauge replacement procedure is so easy and prompt (approx. 1 min.), no tool required.
Since the sewing head is one of the most popular models in the industry, no need to worrying about availability of repair parts in each country.
Tilting head procedure is so handy, and the Sewing Test button of machine head is provided as the menu of LCD touch panel so that users can operate test sewing just with the sewing head independently.
THREAD BREAKAGE DETECTOR When needle thread is broken, T.B.D. makes a sewing cycle stop immediately.
PRESSER PAD FOR DOUBLE STITCHING(OPTION) Optional presser pad specially designed for double-stitching (0.8o seam margin), is available.
This double stitch option is applicable with variety of pocket shapes.
LEFT/RIGHT DIFFERENT POCKET AVAILALE WITH SINGLE UNIT(OPTION) With this option, a single gauge unit can handle both left and right pockets without gauge replacement.
The program allows operators to choose the sewing workflow as
1) Left and right altermately
2) Left only
3) Right only


OUTPUT @@@@1 cycle 14.5 sec. @1,600 pockets/8H (20% allowance)
Machine Speed: 3600 rpm@ 16 stitches per 3 p
Pocket Size: 110 ~ 120 o


SEWING HEAD JUKI DDL-9000B High Speed Single Needle Lock Stitch Type
MACHINE SPEED 4,000 rpm (Max)
SEWING SIZE W/ 250 o ~ H/ 230 o
USED NEEDLE DP ~ 17 @@#9 ` #14
FEEDING SYSTEM Stepping Motor x 2
AIR SUPPLY 0.5 MPa @10 liter /min
FLOOR SPACE W/900 ~ D/1,400 ~ H/1,500 o

CONFIGURATIONS @@Vertical up/down type pocket folding device
@@Stepping motor x 2
@@Price includes 1 set of custom gauge dedicated pattern program
@@Vacuuming table with inverter
@@Needle foot presser
@@LED touch panel
@@Stacker with wheel puller
@@Blower motor with dumper
@@Twin marking lights
@@Thread Breakage Detector@(T.B.D.)
@@Thread counter
@@Air gun
@@Caster with breke