Culmination of the Development of Darts Seaming Machines in 35 years

Wide variety of dart sewing (max. 450 mm length x 20 mm depth) at your@fingertips.
Its cutting-edge design based on the NC (numerical control) and
touch panel display operation enables you to sew various dart patterns such as single-pointed,
and diamond/double-pointed darts with concave curve/convex curve,with simple operation.
Up to 60 patterns of your own dart settings can be stored onboard and recalled instantly.

THE NEW-BREED NC DART SEAMER Thanks to Yuhofs unparalleled and highly intelligent NC (numerical control) system, U-3701-E calculates the most appropriate shape, angle and length of each dart automatically just by simple touch panel operation.
In conjunction with XY Stepping Motor system, U-3701-Efs NC system has achieved high precision sewing of single- and double-pointed darts.
Furthermore,Yuhofs superior NC system offers diverse variable parameters for detailed adjustments with simple touch panel U/I on start/end of sewing at the tip of darts (hereafter gZero Pointh), shape/depth of curvature, and more. It enables users to easily and instantly change setting change for the textile products with different fabrics/sizes, without replacing the physical parts such as gauges or guide rails.
THREAD CLAMPER FOR TROUBLE-FREE SEWING In order to avoid troubles at the beginning of each seam line, the U-3701-E pulls thread and makes tension using the Thread Clamper.
Thread Clamper catches the thread just after it is cut by knife at the end of previous seam line, and releases it as soon as the needle starts sewing.
Since this procedure is repeated at every single seam line, you are totally free from stitching troubles.
INSTANT FINE ADJUSTMENT WITH LCD TOUCH PANEL Within the range of 450 mm (W) x 20 mm (D), users can store and recall various dart settings up to 60 patterns instantly, including single-pointed darts (triangle-shape and trapezoid-shape) and double-pointed darts.
U-3701-E allows detailed setting/editing on each dart pattern and fine adjustment for avoiding dimple at gZero Point.h
Those setting /editing can be done easily just by operating the LCD touch panel, without touching any hardware, tool or gauge.
gZero Pointh must be adjusted depending on each fabricfs thickness.
U-3701-E allows Zero Point adjustment in 0.1 mm step, and the dedicated parameters for erasing dimples are provided for left/right Zero Point independently.
Furthermore, you can change each dartfs seam line from straight to convex curve or concave curve, each curve depth is adjustable in 0.1 mm step, and the peak position of each curve is selectable among 1/3, 1/2, 2/3.
Equipped with the capability of such thorough and subtle adjustment, Yuhofs NC Darts Seamer is the only machine of this kind in the world.
KEEPER HOLDS DOWN VARIOUS MATERIALS SECURELY U-3701-Efs keeper is made out of a single piece of long metal plate, thus the teeth of keeper are always kept aligned.
In addition, thanks to the combination of keeper and keeper catcher, U-3701-E securely grabs various fabrics of varying thickness.
Keeper catcher also helps prevent the keeper from making scratches with its teeth on the surface of the table.
POWERFUL VACUUM SUCTION COMPLETE WITH INVERTER U-3701-E allows users to load fabrics at the right position with minimal effort thanks to the powerful, and enlarged (1,000 mm x 250 mm) vacuum suction plate.
Intensity of vacuum suction can be adjusted with the onboard inverter circuitry.
Newly equipped marking projector assists operators to position the fabrics.
Once an operator loads fabric, U-3701-E takes care of the entire remaining process freeing the operatorfs hands, contributing to overlapping workflow and higher productivity.
NO PUCKERING EVEN WITH VERY THIN GEOGETTE YUHOfs proprietary gBobbin Thread Backtensionerh technology (patented in Japan) guarantees no puckering and perfect stitches on back stitching or omni-directional stitching, regardless of material, thickness or elasticity.
Its groundbreaking back-tensioning mechanism can always feed the appropriate amount of bobbin thread.
No matter if itfs very thin georgette or thick knit materials, U-3701-E always offers the perfect sewing results.
MATERIAL HANGER A material hanger is provided just in front of the vacuum suction plate, allowing operators to load fabrics more quickly.
he vacuum plate moves toward the machine head, allowing sufficient space for operatorsf hands at the loading process.
STACKER REALIZES OVERLAPPING WORKFLOW U-3701-E allows operators to have either the stacker pick up the fabric at the point where sewing finishes, or at the left end of the table so that even longer items can be piled up steadily and neatly.
Once the operator sets the fabric, U-3701-E will take care of the entire process of sewing and picking up/piling up.
It allows operators the overlapping workflow without hassles.
DESIGNED FOR EASY MAINTENANCE U-3701-E is meticulously designed paying maximum attention to ease of maintenance, as well.
The Keeper Ruler, for example, can be detached instantly, and the machine head can be tilted with a single touch.
U-3701-E was thoroughly designed for ease of use in mind.
THREAD BREAKAGE DETECTOR T.B.D. circuitry reliably detects thread breakage and stops the machine immediately, in order to avoid loss of materials.

DAILY OUTPUT @@2,400 seams / 8h ( 20% allowance )@
CONFIGRATIONS @@Start of dart sewing : Back tuck
@@End of dart sewing : Back tuck or condense stitch
@@LCD touch panel
@@XY stepping motor system
@@Large vacuum suction plate with inverter
@@LED marking projector
@@Stacker with turn-over bar
@@Thread Breakage Detector (T.B.D)
@@Thread clamper
@@Bobbin thread counter
@@Air duster gun
@@Casters with stopper