@BUTTON SEWING INDEXER (Lock Stitich Type)@@ U-4008-LK@
@BUTTON SEWING INDEXER with Robot Loader@@ U-4008-LK/AUT@

@BUTTON SEWING INDEXER (Chain Stitich Type)@@ U-4008-MB@
@BUTTON SEWING INDEXER with Robot Loader@@ U-4008-MB/AUT@

Just place the materials, and the machine sews the buttons on

The U-4008 Series Button Sewing Indexer attaches buttons at the right positions accurately
and automatically using a vacuum plate to move the front body panels.
You just need to lay the materials on the table, and buttons are completed at once, including spare buttons.
With the optional Robot Loader, the entire process of loading fabrics, attaching buttons, and piling can be unmanned.
(Related productF Button Hole Feeder MODEL U-4204-BH, sold separately)

TWO TYPES OF MACHINE HEADS U-4008-LK comes with LK-1903BN/BR35 lockstitch machine head (max. 2,700 rpm sewing speed) plus high-performance button feeder.
This low-noise, maintenance free machine head enables high quality button attaching, free from frayed thread.
U-4008-MB comes with MB-1800A/BR10 single-thread, chainstitch machine head (max. 1,800 rpm sewing speed) plus high-performance button feeder.
This state-of-the- art computer controlled direct-drive machine head is non-lubricating while that eliminates oil stains.
It has outstanding onboard functionalities such as minimizing the remaining length of thread after trimming is always kept minimum, and thread-fray-prevention mechanism to prevent the finished seams from loosening.
LCD TOUCH PANEL Various parameters are displayed on the LCD Touch Panel, such as distance from top edge to the top button, button intervals, distance to the spare button, inclusion or exclusion of spare button, number of buttons, bobbin counter, stitch pattern #, and more, allowing users to adjust settings with easy operations.
Other parameters such as MENfS/LADIESf, machine head on/off, vacuum on/off, stacker on/off etc. can be instantly selected.
Up to 20 of above mentioned patterns can be stored.
Red alert screen is displayed together with beep when bobbin thread reaches zero.
Emergency stop and restart at thread breakage, activation of the maintenance mode etcc everything is easy to understand.
POSITIONING OF BUTTONS FROM THE FRONT EDGE The margin between each button and front edge can be set from 5 mm to 25 mm.
The positions of long gauges (for MEN/for LADIES) can be adjusted instantly just by loosening /tighten thumb screws.
The position of scale is adjustable as well in order to precisely fix the gauges at the right positions.
POSITIONING OF TOP BUTTON FROM THE UPPER EDGE This machine detects the upper edge of the front body panel using a photoelectric sensor and feeds it with a vacuum plate instead of clamps.
Consequently, it has flexibility to change the position of the top button which the predecessor models did not have.
This feature is especially suitable for the shirts for Japanese market called gCool- Bizh type.
VACUUM PLATE Its powerful vacuum plate is able to securely hold fabrics even with wrinkles or with naturally curved front edges due to stitches.
Vacuum plate moves with precision (0.1 mm increment) thanks to the stepping motor, achieving high precision of button hole positioning.
It feeds even heavier fabrics or finished products perfectly.
STACKER WITH STACKER TURN-OVER SHAFT The stacker mechanism on the left side of the machine piles up front body panels of both MENfS and LADIESf. (MENfS: top is on the left, LADIESf: top is on the right)
Thanks to its stacker turn-over shaft, materials are always piled up tidily.
Operators can change the stacker mode (MENfS/LADIESf) instantly without complicated procedure.
SIMPLY PUT FRONT BODY PANELS TO THE TABLE Just put the front body panels on the table.
Operators do not need to pay strict attention to the positioning of left or right.
This feature enables high productivity.
2 x sensors (for MENfS and for LADIESf) detect the upper end of front body panel and the computer calculates the distance from the upper end and top button hole, button intervals, and No. of buttons precisely and automatically.
The feeder transports the materials for MEN from right to left, and the materials for LADIES from left to right.
Materials are piled up tidily on the stacker automatically.
Alternatively, you can place the material and set the position of top button under the machine presser, and the machine starts button sewing immediately.
ADJUSTABLE BUTTON INTERVALS Up to 20 equal interval patterns can be stored.
In the case of unequal intervals, users can differentiate each interval as they like by inputting each distance one by one on the touch panel.
The machine can store up to 20 patterns of unequal intervals as well.
THREAD BREAKAGE DETECTOR (T.B.D.) T.B.D. detects the thread breakage and stops the machine immediately.
Operator can choose to step back or step forward before restarting, reducing waste of time and extra work.
MISFEEDING DETECTION In case of missing buttons due to the misfeeding of button feeder, the machine detects the problem and stops the operation.
Operators can feed a new button from the button feeder and restart the machine by pressing the foot pedal.
ATTACHING SPARE BUTTONS Attaching a spare button is possible within the range of 720 mm of feeding area.
Users can instantly adjust parameters such as whether to include a spare button or not, distance from the bottom button to the spare button, and more.
METICULOUSLY DESIGNED FOR MAINTENANCE At the situations of maintenance or periodical check of machine head, a part of top cover of the table is detachable without using any tool, and users can tilt the machine head instantly.
MANUAL BUTTON FEED FUNCTION This feature is convenient for cases in which one shirt contains several different buttons.
Users can feed buttons manually instead of using the button feeder, but still the machine transports the material and sews the buttons automatically.
UNMANNED OPERATION WITH OPTIONAL ROBOT LOADER With the optional Robot Loader, unmanned operation of the entire production process including loading, button sewing, and stacking is possible.
Since the Robot Loader synchronizes with the cycle time of the main unit, users can perform multiple tasks simultaneously between the two units.
Robot Loader can be easily attached /detached.
Users can decide to use the machine with or without Robot Loader based on the situations (e.g. mass production lot or small production lot).


DAILY OUTPUT @@2,000 pcs. of front body fabric / 8h
@ @( 5 x button holes each, 100 mm intervals, 16 stitches )
MAIN DEVICES @ Direct-Drive Machine Head
@ Powerful Vacuum Plate
@ For Men/For Ladies Mode Sensor
@ T.B.D.: Thread Breakage Detector
@ Button Detect Sensor
@ Spare Button Sewing Function
@ For Men / For Ladies Stacker
@ Stacker Turn-Over Shaft
@ LCD Touch Panel
@ Bobbin Counter
@ Air Duster Gun
OPTION @ Robot loader
@ Front edge presser
@ Fabric clamper
@ Button lifter