Next Generation Pocket Setter
Highly-acclaimed YUHO pocket setter, thanks to its wide working area and
compact footprint, has now been supercharged with the state-of-the-art sewing
head and newly developed Double-Stitch Compatible Presser Pad(optional),
realized supporting ghard-to-handleh materials (such as highly elastic georgette
material), irregularly- shaped pockets with R, and double-stitching.

COMPACT FOOTPRINT YET LARGER SEWING AREA While keeping a minimum footprint (1,400 x 900 mm), the material loading area and sewing area is separated with 600 mm interval, securing a comfortable goverlapping workflowh environment even with larger materials.
The maximum size of the sewing area is up to 230 x 250 mm, and it even realizes attaching back face on pajamasf back panel.
HIGH-SPEED YET HIGH-QUALITY AND STABLE SEWING RESULTS Thanks to the state-of-the-art JUKI DDL-9000C long arm type sewing head, a wide sewing area, and high-speed sewing performance are secured.
In addition, with YUHOfs proprietary Bobbin Thread Backtensioner technology, perfect, consistent, and hitch-stitch-free seam lines are guaranteed.
VERTICAL UP/DOWN-TYPE POCKET FOLDING MECHANISM YUHOfs unique and powerful pocket folding device covers various fabrics at a lightning-fast folding speed and super accuracy.
Instead of the swing type, the newly developed gvertical up/down mechanismh guarantees premium quality folding results without misalignment and/or slackness.
Regarding the folding of patch pockets of various shapes, especially the pockets with rounded corners made of a wide variety of materials, the folding mechanism require highly advanced technology.
YUHO's unique technology and accumulated know-how realized the folding device covering many shapes and materials.
In addition, the presser pad's amount of lifting is carefully programmed in two stages, 10 mm at the needle position after sewing and 15 mm when picking up the material from the folding device so that it can handle thick materials.
With the dress shirts made of thinner materials, the machine folds both L/R corners at the pocket openings into triangles to prevent protrusion.
The pocket piece and front panel are vacuumed.
The positioning of the pocket piece can be precisely adjusted to allow operators to align the plaids of the pocket piece and front panel.
The folded pocket piece can be re-checked with plaid matching before the presser pad transports materials to the needle position.
This process secures accurate plaid matching with the quick operation.
( Plaid matching with this machine is possible only after cutting materials with perfect precision.
In addition, it is necessary to align the position of the pocket piece with the panel perfectly beforehand and fix them temporarily with spray glue or the like. )
TACTILE TOUCHSCREEN U/I U-4203-Efs onboard LCD secures intuitive U/I and streamlined operation.
In case subtle adjustment of sewing patterns such as stitch positions is needed, operators can press EDIT on the RUN screen of the LCD touchscreen and modify it on the fly.
The modified data is automatically saved on the pattern memory.
Up to 30 patterns can be stored on the onboard memory area, and respective pattern memory can be modified quickly by pressing the EDIT button.
If the folded result of the pocket piece is not perfect, operators can press RE FOLD on the LCD and retry it immediately.
Ample of editing/adjustment menus, machine maintenance menus are standby on the LCD touchscreen.
BAR-TACKING AT POCKET OPENINGS The bar-tacking functionality that automatically locks the pocket openings (2 places) is provided as the default.
The specifications of the bar tacking are 1. Horizontal bars (= Z-shape), 2. Up/Down Zigzag, 3. Horizontal bars + Up/Down Zigzag, just select these on the LCD touchscreen.
If you choose zigzag, you can also set the number of Up/Down.
The default vertical width of the bar-tack is 2 mm.
ENERGY-SAVING CONSCIOUS Thanks to the inverter circuitry equipped on the blower motor, the powerful vacuum suction functionality of the table surface is carefully controlled, keeping noise minimum when it is not active and sucking intensely only when necessary.
The machine is designed to satisfy both energy-saving and low-noise characteristics.
The inverter circuitry realizes equally strong vacuum suction no matter where you use the machine in the world, without the affection of the cycle of the AC power supply.
Adopting a direct-drive type (=no power loss) high-speed thread trimmer sewing head also reduces energy consumption.
CAREFULLY DESIGNED FOR MINIMIZING IDLE TIME Pattern gauge replacement procedure is easy and instant (approx. one min.), no tools required. In addition, the dedicated sewing pattern data corresponding to each gauge set can be instantly recalled on the LCD touchscreen to minimize idle time.
Procurement of service parts by users is easy in each region of the world because the sewing head is one of the most popular as the lockstitch sewing head.
In addition, since you can tilt the sewing head instantly, it is easy to do adjustments or maintenances of the lower-shaft-related.
The product design is fully considerate of maintainability, making maintenance easier for users.
For example, when adjusting seam lines, you can use TEST SEW button on the LCD touchscreen to operate the sewing machine heads separately from other devices.
SPECIAL GAUGE FOR L/R SYMMETRIC POCKET (OPTIONAL) Not only the symmetrical pockets on the left- and right panels can be sewn with just one set of pattern gauges, but also the left- and right pockets can be attached alternately by automatic switching.
Of course, you can also select the workflow of gright-pocket-continuoush or gleft-pocket-continuous.h
Various Left-Right switching procedures such as switching seam pattern data, transforming the presser pad to correspond left- and right pocket seamlines, and changing the angle of the guide ruler are all performed instantly and automatically.
PRESSER PAD FOR DOUBLE-STITCH (OPTIONAL) The newly developed double-stitch-compatible presser pad adopts an epoch-making new mechanism for switching between the outside seam line and the inside seam line, making it possible to attach pockets to the ghard-to-handleh materials with high elasticity.
In terms of the shapes of chest pockets, besides the conventional angular-edge pockets or angled chest pockets, this presser pad supports the pockets of irregular shape with rounded corners.

OUTPUT @1 cycle 14.5 sec. @1,600 pockets / 8H@( 20% allowance,@Machine Speed : 3600 rpm, 16 stitches per 3 p, Pocket Size : 110 ~ 120 o )
CONFIGURATIONS @@Vertical Up/Down-type folding device
@@LCD touchscreen
@@Table with vacuum suction with inverter
@@Presser pad with 2-stage lifting program
@@Needle foot presser
@@2 x Stepping motors for X-Y 2-spindle
@@2 x Foot pedals ( start pedal & plate pedal )
@@Blower motor with dumper
@@Stacker with wheel-type puller
@@2 x Marking lights
@@Thread Breakage Detector@(T.B.D.)
@@Casters with brakes
@@Air duster gun