Premium Quality in Sharp Folding and Stitching,
Comprehensive Coverage of Various Types of Fabrics,
Such as Thicker, Thinner, Heat-Sensitive Materials
The State-of-the-Art Model of the Acclaimed YUHO Sleeve
Placket Setter Is Now with the Latest Digital Sewing Head.

AUTOMATE TWO COMPLEX PROCESSES AT ONCE Wide coverage of materials such as the ones for dress shirts, casual shirts, sports shirts, and women's blouses.
Settlements of the various conventional problems such as discoloration and shine due to heat during folding, the difficulty of folding with shape memory materials, instability of pin stitch width with thin materials, and puckering with dress shirts.
Automate two complex processes: Folding the sleeve placket pieces and attaching the sleeve placket pieces.
The YUHO U-4506-E/PS is a genuinely innovative automatic sewing machine that solves many technical difficulties at once.
U-4506-E accepts a thickness of up to 6 mm (at the bottom of the opening, the area where the sleeve placket and under placket overlap).
PERFECT STITCH QUALITY THANKS TO THE PATENTED TECHNOLOGY The weak point of the predecessor model is that the bobbin thread becomes stitch seams due to its mechanical design.
With U-4506-E, you do not have to worry about that point anymore.
YUHO's proprietary Bobbin Thread Backtensioner technology realizes perfect stitches without hitch stitching in omnidirectional stitching.
In addition, the amount of bobbin thread feeding can be set to the optimum amount according to the thickness and stretchability of the material.
DIRECT-DRIVE SEWING HEAD It employs the JUKI DDL-9000C direct drive sewing head, ideal for the sleeve placket setting machine in various aspects such as excellent responsiveness, start up speed, and stopping accuracy.
In addition, the folding and sewing mechanism has been improved to have a more robust structure than the p redecessor model in the material folding blades and presser pat, resulting in improved quality and functionality.
LCD TOUCHSCREEN SECURES EASY YET INTUITIVE OPERATION Various operations, such as switching the Running Modes L Hand Continuous, R Hand Continuous, L R Alternate) or choosing/changing the pattern #, etc., can be quickly and instantly made by pressing the LCD touchscreen.
U-4506-E can store up to 10 pattern data onboard and can be recalled with just one touch.
All sewing pattern data and pattern gauges are custom made based on each customer's requirements.
Due to various factors, such as individual differences in materials, there may be cases where minor corrections to the preprogrammed seam lines are required.
In such cases, this unit all ows users to easily make fine adjustments in 0.1 mm increments in the vertical and horizontal directions on the touchscreen.
A numeric keypad will appear on screen when you touch the part to be corrected on the screen.
Select +-, and enter the digit.
If the angle of the tip of "sword" is the same, but only the overall length of the sleeve placket is different, just enter the overall length size in the "LENGTH" column on the RUN screen, and you can manage without changing the gauge or pattern data.
In addition, the touchscreen makes it easy to exchange various information such as feed speeds (for low sew speed area, high sew speed area), setting values for stacker, input from operators and maintenance personnel, and output from U-4506-E.
And it can be done intuitively.
For example, when the upper thread breaks, the T.B.D.(thread break detector) or when the remaining amount of bobbin thread approaches zero, the bobbin thread counter instantly displays a red alert screen on the LCD.
By notifying the operator of this, material loss and idle time are kept to a minimum, which is also essential for improving productivity.
FAST AND SHARP FOLDING OPERATION AND UPPER LOWER SANDWICHED TRANSPORT First, fold one side of the sleeve placket piece using an onboard folding/pressing tool and set the folded edge along the ruler.
U-4506-E instantly folds sleeve placket pieces beautifully and sharply.
Next, set the sleeve pieces (with under placket), press the start pedal, and the U-4506-E will automatically and reliably sew a highly accurate topstitch.
The opening area of the sleeve piece is securely sandwiched by the sleeve placket piece and transported under the needle.
Perfect result without worrying about losing shape or puckering is expected.
When the sewing of the sleeve placket is completed, the thread is cut, and the stacker device automatically stacks the materials.
The sequence of those processes is designed to allow an operator to operate two U-4506-E simultaneously.
STEADY PATTERN SEWING THANKS TO HIGH-PRECISION MOVEMENT AND HIGH-RIGIDITY PARTS Employing linear ways boasts its superior precision and rigidity for X-Y drive spindles to realize ultra precise movement and ultra durability at higher levels.
Besides, powerful pulse motors are incorporated for X-Y spindle feeding operation to improve reliability to the next level.
Such mechanisms allow for more beautiful and stable sleeve placket pattern sewing.
SPACE & ENERGY SAVING This machine was developed with a thorough pursuit of space and energy savings.
The compact housing with a width of 1 m and a depth of 0.8 m lowers the threshold for introduction to production sites where space is limited and allows simultaneous operation of two units by a single operator in a small area.
High precision bearings are used abundantly in each orbital part of this machine to minimize frictional resistance, achieving high durability and energy saving.
PREVENTING THREAD JAMMING The Thread Clamper device installed at the needle holds the needle thread as soon as thread trimming is made, eliminating the thread dropout at the beginning of sewing and the occurrence of thread jamming on the needle thread, realizing the excellent quality seam results.
FOLDING WHILE HEAT PRESSING ONE SIDE OF SLEEVE PLACKET PIECE IN 0.3 SEC. One side of the sleeve placket piece must be separately folded and pressed on this machine.
Then, it is set on the folding device, and the following processes are automated.
This single side folding/pressing process is completed in just 0.3 seconds using the f olding pressing tool installed on the X-Y table of this machine.
U-4506-E is carefully designed so that <single side folding/pressing process> and the remaining folding stitching process can be overlapped to minimize cycle time.
TWO UNITS OPERATED BY ONE PERSON It is equipped with a stacker device that automatically stacks materials after sewing.
It is effective when one operator operates two machines simultaneously or when operating the machine in parallel with other machines and work.
METICULOUSLY DISIGNED FOR EASE OF MAINTENANCE The sewing head has a structure that allows it to be tilted instantly for ease of maintenance and inspections.
The mechanism has been designed with sufficient consideration for maintainability.
It also comes standard with an air gun that is convenient for cleaning the unit.
If it is difficult to uniform the same stitching quality between the tip and other areas, a second thread tensioner(optional) can be added to automatically adjust the needle thread tension for each area to achieve perfect stitching quality.

OUTPUT     Placket length : 170o 1,150 seams per 8 hours ( 1 sycle 20 sec. )
CONFIGURATIONS  ★ Price incl. 1 set of pattern gauge set and pattern data
    (incl. Left & Right Pattern)
 ★ LCD Touchscreen
 ★ Bobbin Thread Backtensioner Technology
 ★ Reversible Crank
 ★ Heat Presser
 ★ Bobbin Thread Counter
 ★ Stacker
 ★ Thread Breakage Detector (T.B.D.)
 ★ Casters with Brakes
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES  ★ Replacement Gauge Set (with Reversible Crank)
 ★ Pattern Data (incl. Left & Right Pattern)
 ★ Marking Light
 ★ Vacuum Suction for plaid matching
 ★ Secondary Thread Tensioner